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How long does it take for hypnotherapy treatment to work?

The answer to this question depends on what the hypnotherapy treatment is being used to treat as well as on the individual receiving the treatment.

To a great extent the effectiveness of hypnotherapy actually comes down to the individual patient.

Hypnotherapy is meant to be used as quick type of therapy in general however, and there should be no reason to meet a therapist more than a handful of times before seeing results, though some people will experience positive results even sooner.

Moreover any honest hypnotherapy professional will never hold onto a client for a long time who is not reaping any benefit from the sessions.

Reviews left by previous clients can all bear witness to the fact that many patients experience positive results unexpectedly quickly.

How long will the effects of hypnotherapy treatments last?

The answer to this question depends on to what extent a subconscious change in the client has been brought about.

Really great and accordingly long lasting therapy of any kind addresses and resolves the root causes of people’s problem behaviours.

It all depends on the individual client, of course, but it can happen that once a problem is thoroughly treated it can be rooted out once and for all and never return again.

It can also happen, on the other hand, even if the treatment method was sound, that the effects of hypnotherapy will not last for your whole life and may need to be repeated or reinforced at some point in the future.

Are some people too strong minded to be hypnotised?

It is not 100% clear to me what people mean by “strong minded” when they ask me this question, but that being said any person has the potential to enter the trance state of hypnotherapy, since it is actually a very normal state of mind which each of us experiences every day without even realizing it.

As mentioned in a previous question, however, if you are not willing to be hypnotised then you cannot be.

This means that any person can go into the trance state – and experience its benefits – who is willing to be taken there.

Can hypnotherapy treatment be used to abate pain?

Pain is like a warning sign that lets one know about a problem with the body and its location.

This is actually necessary for survival.

For instance, if you touch a very hot appliance you will instinctively immediately move your hand away from it. In other cases, however, such as while getting a tattoo done, the pain signal is not actually needed and is simply getting in the way.

In the latter sort of example – the tattoo pain – wouldn’t it be great to be able to reduce or even turn off this type of pain signal? In some cases hypnotherapy can be used successfully to treat pain signals of this type.

According to William Ray, a professor from the psychology department at Penn State: “We have done a variety of EEG studies, one of which suggests that hypnosis removes the emotional experience of pain while allowing the sensory sensation to remain.

Thus, you notice you were touched but not that it hurt.”

In 2013, a surgeon did an operation which involved cutting into the ankle bone of hypnotist Alex Lenki, who placed himself into a hypnotic trance rather than receive anaesthetic. According to Lenki:

“I’m not averse to anaesthetic – it’s just that my pain control is a hell of a lot better than the medical profession’s and I heal a lot quicker because my body doesn’t have to get rid of all the chemicals.

The brain is a very sophisticated computer and if your press the right buttons it will do amazing things – if you press the right buttons it will switch certain things off.”

How frequent do treatment sessions need to be?

At the start it’s usually better to leave about a week between each session.

This allows time for the work done during each session to set in and get more fully processed by the brain, letting your behaviours, thoughts, and attitudes begin to change on their own.

What are the issues hypnotherapy is most commonly used to treat?

Hypnotherapists tend to be generalists more than specialists.

A generalist is something like a general practice doctor who sees and is competent to treat patients for a variety of different issues each day.

And although most people would generally prefer to see a specialist who deals with their specific problem again and again all day long, unfortunately there are simply not too many specialist hypnotherapists to be found, and a generalist will be much easier to find.

That beings said, the issues most commonly treated by hypnotherapists include being overweight, phobias, smoking or other addictions, and issues related to confidence such as public speaking (which is Australia’s #1 phobia by the way).

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