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Myths About Hypnosis Therapy

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Due to the influence of stage hypnosis or entertainment hypnosis, many have a number of misguided opinions about the real nature of hypnosis.


Here is a list of some of the more common hypnosis therapy myths:

  1. A person who is under hypnosis is unconscious or asleep: this is probably the most common myth about hypnosis, when actually a person undergoing hypnosis therapy has a heightened awareness and is even more fully awake. It is actually their heightened concentration that makes them more susceptible to suggestion.
  2. You don’t remember anything that happened while you were under hypnosis: you will be aware of everything that happens during your hypnosis session, and afterwards you will most likely have a fading memory of it, something like when you come out of a dream, but you will not forget it altogether.
  3. You can be hypnotised unwillingly, and once hypnotized you cannot resist or get out of it: stage hypnotists like to give off the appearance of having a magical control over the audience, but in reality a hypnotist has no such power. You have to be willing to enter the hypnotic state in order for it to work, and once you are in it you can get out of it at any time.
  4. You surrender your will altogether under hypnosis, and can be made to do anything: this is more stage hypnotism theatrics. You retain your free will under hypnosis and cannot be forced to do anything that you don’t want to.
  5. Only some people can be hypnotised: anyone can be hypnotised so long as they are willing. The reason why it doesn’t work for some people is often because of the very myths under discussion: people worry about losing control of themselves and resist falling into the hypnotic state. But this doesn’t mean that hypnosis will altogether not work on these people, it just means that they need to allow themselves to be hypnotized rather than resist it. Some people also suggest that only weak-minded or gullible people can be hypnotized. But suggestibility and gullibility are not the same thing, and studies have shown rather that it is people who have an above average intelligence who make the best subjects for hypnosis.
  6. You need to relax physically in order to enter a state of hypnosis: although it doesn’t hurt to be relaxed physically, it is not a necessary factor either. The mental relaxation that comes along with the hypnotic state is actually much more dramatic than a comfy seat.
  7. You might reveal your deepest, darkest secrets under hypnosis: once again you don’t lose control while under hypnosis, and you won’t reveal anything that you don’t want to.
  8. Hypnosis lets you recover all your memories: although hypnosis can effectively recapture lost memories, but you can still lie under hypnosis or come up with false memories. So don’t think of hypnosis as a truth serum.
  9. You can get stuck in the hypnotic trance forever: this one is just ridiculous, and no one has ever been trapped under hypnosis forever. The trance state of hypnosis is actually a completely normal mental state that you enter nearly every day during times of heightened concentration, so there is no reason to be afraid of it.

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