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Hypnosis for Gambling – Using hypnotherapy to Overcome Gambling Challenges

Hypnosis Gambling

From bingo to blackjack, scratch cards to slot machines, an estimated 1.6 billion people participate in gambling activities globally. In Australia alone, approximately half of the adult population gamble their money away in one form or another, and the nation boasts amongst the highest rate of gambling losses per capita on earth. This can lead to shocking levels of gambling addiction, ruining lives and causing high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

When the stakes become too high for some gamblers, problems with gambling and gambling addiction (also known as compulsive gambling or gambling disorder) have significant harmful effects on lives, often extending further than the individual, impacting family and jobs, and even leading to major health problems.

While more than 10 million people are believed to have sought help for problem gambling at some point in their lives, compulsive gambling is very difficult to overcome. However, there is help out there, and many people can manage their disorder with professional assistance from therapists who understand the triggers, factors, and difficulties associated with gambling. Hypnotherapy for gambling is one of the proven techniques, capable of providing the support and assistance that people need to face their gambling addictions and manage the underlying issues behind gambling addiction.

From high rollers to penny slots - Types of gamblers

So, when does gambling go from fun and harmless to problematic or pathological with serious consequences? Signs of a possible gambling problem include:

• Spending more on gambling than what is affordable
• Difficulties arising in personal relationships due to gambling
• A decrease in work performance and ambition
• Being unable to reduce or stop gambling
• Spending more and more time gambling
• Attempting to hide gambling activities
• Stealing or committing fraud to support gambling
• Asking for loans to cover gambling debts

There are different levels of gambling addiction that bring with them various associated issues. Where social or recreational gambling is accepted and seen as a fun, harmless distraction, problem gambling can quickly consume and even destroy lives.

We take a closer look at four different types of gamblers below:

• Professional Gamblers
This rarest type of gambler is worth discussing here because they exist almost at the opposite end of the gambling spectrum. Their exposure can lull people into believing that gambling is more lucrative than risky. These gamblers have extraordinary levels of self-control, patience, and frustration tolerance. The risk of addiction is extremely low as it can reduce self-control and logic, which would almost certainly result in more losses than wins.

• Relieve and Escape Gamblers
These gamblers typically use gambling as a coping mechanism to deal with depression, anxiety, and other causes of stress. As a result, their judgment can be diminished, and so large monetary losses can be incurred in a short amount of time. This, in turn, can exacerbate the underlying emotional issues in the long term, triggering even more amounts of stress and struggle. This type of gambling can become problematic if long hours are spent gambling to cope with emotional needs while struggling to maintain family obligations, work, and friendships.

• Problematic Gamblers
This type of gambling can lead to performance issues at work due to a lack of focus and gambling replacing long-term ambition and goals. Problematic gamblers also face financial problems when money allocated for other things is used to gamble or funds are used in an attempt to generate a sustainable income – something that almost never works. Relationship strains invariably also develop due to excessive time spent gambling, and negative gambling-related experiences extend to at least one other person in their life.

• Pathological Gamblers
Pathological Gamblers suffer from a gambling disorder that is classified by the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) as an addictive disorder. Also referred to as Compulsive Gamblers, their lives are entirely consumed by gambling and money. They have an uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite its negative impact on their lives. This is often the most destructive and vulnerable type of gambler.

Spin to win - Causes behind gambling addiction

Precisely what causes someone to gamble compulsively isn’t well understood. Studies have shown, however, that problem and compulsive gamblers often suffer from behavioural and mood disorders such as impulse control, stress, depression, and anxiety. Some gamblers also lack the necessary coping skills to channel their emotions in a healthy way.

Rolling the dice - How hypnotherapy for gambling can help deal with these triggers

It is necessary to understand the underlying cause of a problem in order to treat it; something hypnotherapy is deeply rooted in. The use of hypnosis and relaxation techniques in hypnotherapy taps into the client’s unconscious to identify the cause and triggers for negative behavioural patterns. Once identified, hypnotherapy for gambling can help break the client out of the negative patterns and assist them in learning methods to channel their emotion in a healthy way to cope with triggers.

Hypnocare – A good bet on your wellness

Hypnotherapy for gambling has provided many gamblers with helpful treatment for long-term recovery from gambling addictions. While the path to overcoming gambling problems can be a long and challenging one, with Hypnocare, you’ll find a team of therapists who are invested in giving you the time, techniques, and tools you need to work on beating off the need to risk your money.

Pay us a visit or reach out if you’re facing difficulties in online gambling addiction or can’t seem to stay away from the casino. We’re here to help.




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Have been seeing linda for a few months now and has changed my life for the better greatly! I was sceptical at first but Linda made me feel so comfortable and she really is great at what she does My issue was with alcohol and no longer is an issue for me. Thanks again Linda

I was a habitual worrier. If all was ok my mind would search for the next problem. I came out of my second session with Linda and this had disappeared. I felt light. I had a realisation that whatever my situation, I had a choice. It was highly liberating and has persevered. I ended up studying hypnosis and have a new respect for what Linda helped me achieve. She's genuine and down to earth. Thanks Linda

Linda is a very experienced practitioner in the field. I feel very lucky to have had support from such a seasoned professional. Thank you for all you have done to help me progress Linda. It is much appreciated.

It’s been 8 weeks smoke free and the idea of picking up a cigarette is so unappealing I now sometimes wonder how I was ever a smoker. My skin is better, I'm not carrying around guilt every day, I don't stink, I'm not as anxious, basically I'm so happy it's all behind me and count my lucky stars I don't have to live that smoker life anymore. I think I was really ready to quit this time, and can't thank Linda enough for helping me make that happen. I didn't know if I had the strength to quit for good, but the session we did reminded me just how strong I am. Thank you millions and millions Linda, that one afternoon in your chair has changed my life and helped me kick a habit I've struggled with for over 10 years. Thank you so very much 🙏🙏

In 2008 I visited Linda in her Subiaco clinic to treat a psychological tick involving constant jaw clenching/clicking (probably around 200 times per day - for years). After just 1 session it stopped dead immediately - 100%. It has now remained a forgotten habit for 9 years... had I not gone to her, I would have probably developed an arthritic jaw by now!

Wow! There are no words that can really express my transformation after a few sessions with Linda. When I initially came to see Linda, I was suffering from anxiety and depression from a number of traumatic experiences I had been through in recent years. My anxiety and depression had started impacting my work, relationships and health. I averaged 2 HRS of sleep a night and sat on my couch every painfully stricken day, debilitated by everything that was going on. After my first session, I drove out of Linda’s office feeling light as a feather; I slept like a baby that night and signed up to a gym. By my 3rd session, I was comfortable with speaking to a group of people, I was sleeping regularly and had a huge motivation to go to the gym six days a week. Not only is my life on track, I am following my dreams. Things that I promised myself I would do one day, I am already doing. What stood out for me, was that Linda’s work taught my inner being to help myself, rather than rely on other people to help me find my way. Linda’s work not only instantaneously helped me, the effects of Linda’s work has unfolded over the last 3 months. Thank you Linda. You are truly a blessing.

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