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How Does Clinical Hypnotherapy Treat Depression?

Here are 5 ways

  1. It  makes you enter the subconscious:

    Dropping down from the conscious mind, which represents only 10% of the mind into the subconscious mind is the important first step. When done so the hypnotherapist is able to address the whole person, that is 100% of the mind rather than just treating the symptoms.

  2. It helps you identify your “unfinished business”.

    People often incur what Dr. Fritz Perls called “unfinished business” with whatever has been lost, be it a job, home or loved one.These unresolved feelings, such as regrets, resentments, anger, blame, guilt, jealousy, and/or fear are stored in the body and must be released as soon after the occuring event as possible. If it isn’t it can become deeply buried beneath the numbness created by any medicating anti-depressant drugs, the addictive behaviour, and the resulting repression that occurs when grief and trauma go untreated.

    Clinical hypnotherapy can work for depression because it uncovers and removes the underlying basis of depression and finalises the unfinished business that otherwise continues to recirculate as self-sabotaging behaviours and thoughts.

  3. It helps you “finish” the “unfinished business” and release the stored experiences/emotions.

    With professional hypnotherapy treatment, you can go down to the deepest level of these traumatic memories, experiences, and stored emotions to release them from the body and mind. When this hypnotherapy session is completed, the client often reports that their depression has lifted, that they have stopped the compulsive behaviour and thoughts, and that they are ready to begin living their lives again.

  4. It helps you replace the trauma with positive thoughts.

    With each healing hypnosis session of clinical hypnotherapy, the therapist is able replace fearful repetitive thoughts that often haunt people following a traumatic period or episode of their life. Positive affirmations now work because the underlying emotional release has been accomplished.

  5. It helps you use the power of hypnotic suggestion to create long-term personal improvement.

    Professional hypnosis treatments provides an effective way to access the individual’s ability to affect the physical body.

    Once self-sabotaging behaviours and thoughts have been resolved, the person can begin to use hypnotic suggestibility to improve the body’s functioning.

    Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in correcting patterns of low energy, restless, low libido, headaches or chronic pain. And a person can use hypnotherapy treatments to increase motivation to eat properly and exercise.

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