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People frequently use hypnosis for anxiety and panic attacks.

It has already helped countless people free themselves from the heavy weight of anxiety and helped them be healthier.

The use of hypnosis for anxiety has proven to be effective for many people – let us help you!

“You are not alone. There are a great number people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorder. There’s hope, and you can get better – for good!”

Linda Milburn, CEO Hypnocare – Perth WA

The skills of Linda Milburn, CEO of Hypnocare was recently featured on Nova radio

Listen in on how she hypnotised Nat from the Nova Crew and one of her listeners in overcoming a bad habit

Let Linda personally help you overcome your bad habits, disorders or overwhelming problems

Meet Linda

hypnotherapist-perthIn 2004, I started my hypnosis training with Rick Collingwood and the Australian Academy of Hypnosis.

Since then I have done further training in the art of hypnosis with Devin Hastings, Leon Cowen, Delores Canon and others.

I also acquired my practitioner training in Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Programming with Gary De Rodriguez.

I can help you with your anxiety and panic attacks

I have seen firsthand that hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help clients with anxiety.

I know that I can help you if you are ready to take that first step to taking back control of your health and well-being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I pride myself on being honest, thorough and highly ethical. Life experience has given me a natural empathy for those who seek my help.

You can start to change your life now.

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Linda Milburn
CEO – Hypnocare

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


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Hypnocare Hypnosis Clinic Fremantle

Linda Millburn

Located in Hilton, 3 min from Fremantle, WA.

Phone: 08 9388 6322

Hypnocare Hypnosis Clinic Darlington

Contact: Jan

Phone: 0423 936 933

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hypnotherapy to stop smoking
Thank you so much for what you have done to help Luke. He has drawn on many areas to help him change direction in his life this year. And his sessions with you have made a huge difference.

He told me that you seem genuinely interested in what he has to say so you could also learn from his experiences and help others the same.

You helped him get everything on his mind out on the table and put it back together in a way he could understand and cope with it.

As a fellow healer I know how awesome it is to know you made a difference. As a mum I can’t thank you enough for helping Luke find his way back.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary



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